2021 Makeup Trends



Makeup Trends in 2020 caught everyone by surprise; obscure face masks turned out to be the biggest fashion accessory making a fashion statement everywhere from catwalks to global summits. With 2021 soon to make an appearance, fashionistas with makeup brush and palette in hand, have their eyes hooked on all the big names from Gucci, to Lanvin, Salvatore Ferragamo, and everyone in between, eager to know the makeup trends expected to make a bow. While the year started on a rough note and continues to do so, 2021 does hold promises of a significant throwback when it comes to the much-anticipated makeup trends bringing back feelings of nostalgia mixed in with renewed optimism that everyone, everywhere so badly needs. So, expect the comeback of classic makeup trends but, hold your breath, yes there’s definitely going to be some twists.


Yes to Effortless Makeup

The no-makeup look has always been the goal of beauty experts and makeup enthusiasts. This trend will always be in style, but we're talking about it pushing limits in 2021. Natural faces will command the catwalks and the streets with emphasis on relaxed and glowing skin. A well-placed glow is all the makeup you need. Being the new matte, glowing skin is arguably the best trend next year because it aims to highlight your best feature – your skin, even though it’s going to be behind a mask for the major part.


Doing the Dewy Complexion

An extension of the no foundation, effortless makeup look is the dewy complexion. This is a trend worthy of the #IWokeUpLikeThis hashtag where you want your made-up skin to look like it was not made up at all. 


The Blushing and Bashful Cheeks

Keeping up with the bare-faced and youthful glow, a hint of neutral pink on your cheeks is another fashion trend that will be coming back next year. Sweet and natural makeup is a go-to for 2021.


Face Gems and Crystal Royalty

Next year, also looks to be big on bling and that too, on face. From crystals on the eyelids to gemstones on the lip or cheek, be prepared to expect the unexpected and look forward to a creative reprieve from the perfectly polished look.


Roaring, Neon Disco Eyes

The eyes will be the highlight next year, especially with face masks being the new fashion must-have. Won’t be wrong to say that the eyes are expected to do all the talking.  From bold colors and bright eye shadows, it appears that the more extravagant, the better. The cat-eye has been a favorite makeup trend and will carry into 2021 too, but don’t be disappointed if you do not see the simple black winged eyeliner. Purples, blues, and pinks are expected to be the new blacks next year. Talk about eye-catching!


Back to Fluffy Eyebrows

2021 is all about eyes. From extremely pinched brows to blocky brows in 2020, to the more generous and natural-looking fluffy brows, 2021 will be big on brows too. While 2020 may have seen many of us trading complex beauty routines and moving to a more minimalist look, 2021 seems to be the inspiration that everyone needs,  to reach out for the mascaras, kohls, and eyebrow pencils. Makeup trends in 2021 will run the gamut from bold eyeshadows and gem ringed eyes to the extreme ultra-minimalist look. Even if you’re not big on following makeup and beauty trends, there’s no harm in experimenting with colors and shapes this 2021 since there’s surely a beauty trend out there for everyone. So, go be your own muse.